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XL Origami Lampshade (Gradient)

XL Origami Lampshade (Gradient)

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This lampshade is folded with utmost precision out of one piece of special Butterfly paper with a screen printed gradient.


The lamp gives smooth, cozy light. It is very suitable for above the dining table for everyday use or for use in your living room, bedroom or nursery.


These lampshades are for use with an energy-saving light bulb or LED light bulb only.


If you use an energy-saving light bulb of maximum 11 Watt, then it's completely safe to use the lampshades. Compared to the light bulbs that you are probably used to, an energy-saving light bulb of 11 Watt is the same as an old light bulb of 60 Watt.


◖Material: made of high-quality FSC certified paper; Natural Wood


- lampshade: Diameter 400mm x Height 400mm

- textile cord: 3 meter / 118 inch length


The length of the cord can be shortened without cutting the cord by using the ceiling cup.


◖Made in Netherlands

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