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津軽びいどろTsugaru Vidro Glass Cup

津軽びいどろTsugaru Vidro Glass Cup

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津軽びいどろ is a factory that has "Aomori Meister" certified as an excellent glass craftsman of Aomori, and each one is made by hand by a skilled craftsman. 

This series in the beauty of the colors that reflect the rich scenery of the four seasons. The task of "making the color of glass" is difficult to mix the ingredients, and if there is a difference of only 0.1 grams per kilogram, it will break without being shaped.

The thick thickness of the glass and various colors reflect each other, giving a more gorgeous production under the sunlight.

◖Material: : Glass
◖Size: Diameter 84 x Height 110mm 
◖Capacity: 300ml
◖Handmade in Japan

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