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Scandinavia Round Plates (Flower)

Scandinavia Round Plates (Flower)

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Boleslawiec is a small town located near the border between Germany and the Czech Republic in western Poland.Boleslawiec, which has been manufacturing handmade pottery in the city for many years, is famous as the only major pottery company that can give the same name as the town, and it still sends traditional handmade pottery to the world.

Polish pottery is a handmade pottery that is carefully made one by one, so there are individual differences.Even complicated patterns are carefully drawn by skilled craftsmen one by one, so it is a gem that took time and effort.

It is a shallow dish that is easy to use in various ways.

Traditional Bolesławiec crafts
This brand  only use natural stoneware clay, fired at 1200 degrees Celsius  to a cream color, for the production of their products  . It is  formed by hand or by casting , and then  decorated with a stamp method or hand-made patterns.  Decorations made with paints are then covered with shimmering glaze, which serves as a protective function and gives the products an elegant appearance.

Ceramics from Bolesławiec is a reference to tradition , reminding us of our roots and history. It is also a tribute to natural beauty that will never lose its current character. Decoratively decorated kitchen items are distinguished by the highest aesthetic, functional and quality values.

◖Material: Ceramics
◖Size: Diameter 160mm x Height 17mm
◖Handmade in Poland 

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