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LUCA Mino Ware Plate

LUCA Mino Ware Plate

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TOHO JAPAN was founded in Showa 20 and is good at making durable and beautiful porcelain. The series of "こぶしの花" and "まごころ" were the most popular and became the brand's signature products. With the development of the times, the factory has increased the strength, and hardness, with low density ceramics (that means it is more durable and lighter than traditional ceramics). The Luca series is very popular in Japan. The shape is a flat design that has been popular in recent years and has a moderate depth. It is suitable for different starters and main dishes. Each piece has a unique marble pattern, which is pleasing to the eye while dining.

100 % Compatible with dishwashers & Microwave oven.

◖Material: Ceramics
◖Size: Diameter 245mm x Height 22mm
◖With individual Box
◖Made in Japan

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