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Kyo-yaki Tea Cup

Kyo-yaki Tea Cup

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A young potterist from Nara Prefecture came to Kyoto to study pottery art, and inherited the traditional techniques and designs of Kyoto.

Kyo-yaki is one of the three famous pottery in Japan. It is different from the general inherent pottery making methods. It has its originality and variety.

This series was collected when I traveled in Japan last year, and it is also the most beautiful series during the whole journey.

The design is very rich - the finishing has 3 different textures and feelings – smooth ice cracked effect, slightly rough flashing sandstone texture, and smooth matte glaze, but there is no sense of disobedience when putting together.

◖Material: Ceramic (京燒)
◖Size: Diameter 83mm x Height 65mm
◖Made in Japan

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