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Kutani Chopstick

Kutani Chopstick

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Wakasa-painted chopsticks produced by the Ao Suba Kiln, a famous Kutani ware, which are produced in Obama City, Fukui.

Due to its resistance to water and heat, it has become popular as daily necessities, and Wakasa-painted chopsticks account for many of the chopsticks produced in Japan. The pattern is a Kutani signature with a profound sense of elegance that harmonizes the traditional pattern born in the history of about 360 years.

They are prefect with the other Kutani kitchen wares and is recommended for daily use and as a gift.

It is also compatible with dishwashers and microwave oven.

◖Material / Component: Natural Wood with Polyester coating
◖Size: Length 230mm
◖Made in Japan

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