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Ko-Kutani Gourd Kutani Ware - 15cm Plate (青手葫蘆)

Ko-Kutani Gourd Kutani Ware - 15cm Plate (青手葫蘆)

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The glazed yellow plate features a large bottle gourd and a pine tree on it.


This is a typical design of the Ko-Kutani (old Kutani) style dating back to mid-17th century, depicting the nature-themed daring design and distinctive bright colors of Kutani ware.


In Japan, the gourd is known to bring good fortune and a symbol of lasting posterity and business success.


100% Compatible with microwave oven & dishwashers.

(Recommend hand washing)


*Please do not use harsh detergents


◖Material: Ceramics (九谷燒)

◖Size: Diameter 150mm x Height 20mm

◖Made in Japan

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