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Fortune Small Glass Plate Gift Set

Fortune Small Glass Plate Gift Set

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Auspicious things in Japan has a mysterious power to bring happiness. It is suitable for you to use it as a gift to wish your loved ones happiness and as your own lucky item.

It is popular as an auspicious bird that symbolizes "longevity", and once it becomes a couple, it is a symbol of "marital harmoniousness".

Turtle (亀)
Due to its long life, it is regarded as a symbol of "longevity". In addition, small turtles are also called Zenigames because their shells resemble oval coins, and are said to invite "fortune".

Red snapper (鯛)

It is a symbol of "prosperity of business" because it is held by Mr. Ebisu of the Seven Lucky Gods. It is said to mean "longevity" because it lives long among fish.

◖Material: Glass
◖Size: Max Width 90mm x Height 18mm
◖Made in Japan

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